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released September 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Abiogene Salt Lake City, Utah

Progressive metal band from Salt Lake City.

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Track Name: Exacting
In a time back when all was ancient long before blood or platelets ever existed

Nothings ever grown no weeds or trees no conscious to observe these inanimate things

She’s in fucking rage, mother earths at her worst, with the clashing of comets upon her face she’ll see better days

Deep beneath the ocean, concocts a crucial potion
Vents of fatty acids catalyzed of hydrocarbons
Carbon monoxide hydrogen aggregated over eons
Destiny exacting on fate is reacting now
Vesicles forming from the micelles flowing from the duct

Quiescent catalyst abiogenesis, mutation begins a metamorphosis

Preliminary of what’s yet to be
This is creation of cells before anybody ever thought of heaven or a hell

So I decree this probability
To be as likely as death, it’s a fact about what happens but no clue about the rest

Though, though its just it’s just a theory, it makes sense; it makes sense, making sense to me


Proteins, Proteins and polymers. Proteins and polymers.

Some live some die, continuing to come together, come together, come togethergether
Link amino acids in a mother fucking line.

Some live some die, continuing to come together, come together, come togethergether
Link amino acids back in, in a fucking line.

Though it’s the beginning
Though its just, just the beginning, this is the, this is the, dawn of abiogene
Track Name: The Infinity Puzzle
Expand beyond the abyss but what is this

Infinity of boundless ability by natural selecting its just more

Breaking the basis hidden from deep within our own universe
Haphazard being entity
Taking the lives of a substance without a taste of a chance.
Adamant kismit

Whole codons in a set, each containing a secret from time
They begin to reject speciation scatter the benign.

Alter, emerge from the water. Flee from the sea into infinity

Hold on, what’s happened here
This lesson is getting off of fucking track.

Chemistry to biology oceans expanding with great vivacity
Chemistry to biology these are forms of life like stromatolites forming upon the beach
Chemistry to biology keeping the whole of fate clinging to the sea
Chemistry to biology unveil the fertility continuously of these all expanding feats

Formed from the system of multiples of these Eukaryotic genes and seemingly to be on the brink of a conundrum, replacing all the poison air in here with oxygen

Born on the backbone of previously simple beings now they triple mass discarding cripples for the, Future to prepare the world for the rise, the rise of man

Crawl, crawl from the sea and evolve to amphibial beings
Dry your skin in the skies to prelude your reptilian demise
Burning in the skies…

Annihilation decimation those remain hope estranged
Desecration devastation genesis’ remain
Track Name: Pupillary Response
Are you fucking kidding this cannot happen again
Excluding that destruction also is lurking within
Burning and waives nuclear rays
Darkening of days shifting of plates
Born again! Immerge from the mountains dumbfounded and left in a daze
Left without previous knowledge of our heritage
Knowledge is gone, nowhere to run
Where are we from, where to call home

From homo erectus this nexus protects us till the next Armageddon infects us
And when all the perplexities test us with the absence of idols or gods to direct us
Sovereign from above guiding us with their essence we look to the heavens

Who could think, that random reactions could create such things, independent beings. Young as of now with potential it seems, for the achievement of dreams
Hacked and reprogrammed, reframed like machines, splicing ours with their genes Perfectly bred to fall prey to their schemes…

Aggregate the exalted that remain
Populate compulsory sustain
Proliferate exacting mental gain
Naïveté are these Homosapien

Bedeviled by temptations of flesh, instinct of death
Formulate, populate

Scatter hunter or gather, duress
claim survival, all are rivals, driving to
Gather forming a pattern, tillage
Claiming Isles building miles figured to
Formulate, Populate

Border struck with disorder conflict
Leaders killing order spilling leading to
Murder, precedes convertor, conquer
Neater building, power wielding dictators
Formulate, Populate

Look up, stars falling to us, who’s this.
Come to colonize this ball of resources
Conduct mining of product, captives
All must follow, lives of sorrow, tyrannize

Bred with their blood, we are half of those who guide from above
Not seeing past this guise we so love, yet insisting to hate
This one you call God is ignoring your fate. All because our knowledge of them was too obvious
They will destroy and pretend to not exist
In the next generation anonymous

Aggregate the exalted that remain
Populate compulsory sustain
Proliferate exacting mental gain
Naïveté are these Homosapien
Track Name: Human Imperfection
This is a goddamn reckoning of a new age
Turn another page from the book, shit will get you shook
Cook you leave you blazed for days
Burning rays, trailing us to a place that we left behind
No way back, just a world full of crack
And feasts with beasts that will eat your mind

Behold, all of the potential worker bees so easily won over by the promises of peace.
We will lead from behind a curtain of dimension, both in the head and of direction.

Advert your eyes, beware lights in skies humans face genocide
Cut the cord, in-slaved with no remorse stay on track and keep the coarse
Our reward, as to exist as lord succeeding where failed before

This is, a world, betrayed by what’s within it conscious
Doing all the wrong as we watch it burn, procrastinating waiting for our own turn
What a plan, to mold nations from children up to men
With hidden agendas to steal and kill for oil in Iran

What are our plans to defend against the rest of intelligent existence

To think that this is all (your own fault…..), paranoia and escape (from this vault…)
With no one listening at all (to your call…), this will be our biggest mistake (let man fall.)

Mistaking reality for all the things you see
From the changing of all these leaves, to the lines drawn down on the streets
But what’s hidden from your eyes you were never meant to see
Playing to humans demise is our lack of frequency

I hope you take this very seriously, all for nothing repercussions will be so devastating.
There’s no escaping, once the reaping begins all our sins are up for the taking

A line has been drawn, a goal has been met, but they haven’t sealed our fate yet
Holding the torch lighting the way for the rest, but they’ll only listen at best
I’ve tried time and time again to make them listen
How long before we protect our own nest… and just say fuck all the rest
Track Name: Inhuman Perfection
It has begun, the unveiling of these realities of ones
Who have been hiding right here among populations for centuries
Where did they go, where do we run
How do I hold, composition
Transition leading us to destruction

Deny the truth if you want to die
Continue to shield your ignor-ignorant eyes
Do not recognize

Now, instead of how ask yourselves why we never tried
Instead denied them as lies
Bow, down to the proud, who have disguised deceiving eyes to portray as allies

Betrayed, I will choose the grave before I’ll be your fucking slave

Plotting to get a hold, I can wait to find them, wait to bind them,
Wait for my sweet revenge

Fuck the plan, escape, if you can. The desecration of nations has began
But I don’t want to hide. I don’t want to die. Running off of instinct
Culmination leaving all alone and helpless (helpless and alone)

Regressed to possessions, treated like waste. Dehumanized, Reprocessed slaves
Amassed by intangible life of space
Yearning to escape, to leave this place. This one mistake to estimate was made
Within this conscious we can be saved

(The verge of us has reached a cusp)
They show us the way. Embrace the phase
(So now we must we must adjust)
To create our own reality

Go, let go of disinterest cause this is no place for indifference
Know, know that this artifice can fix this restraint of these prisons

This is bliss within