by Abiogene

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released April 25, 2017

Artwork by ShePaintsWithBlood
Guest solos by Sims Cashion and Robert "Rad Rob" Gray



all rights reserved


Abiogene Salt Lake City, Utah

Progressive metal band from Salt Lake City.

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Track Name: Chrysalis
If you had seen what I've seen, consciously dreaming and singing the strings that are ringing to please. If you see what I mean, you and me the same thing while beholding all time has to bring. And we triumph in ease, as all things are reacting and acting just as they should be and all fraction's reactions so happen to map them and set them in place.

Give in to the power evolved from erosion, explosions and oceans of potions dissolved.

Witness in the hour of all, with such endless possibilities and we're reaching them all.

Take all of me in whether in essence or matter in skin, for the end is where you shall begin, leaving nothing outreaching our whims.

Break out of prisons that've been lived in and witness this shit split the rips in realities grip to reveal to us what is within

If you had been where I've been, densities infinite spin on the cycles yet unknown to man. To continue within is a reflection with abstracting factors re-factored again. with all life in our hands, each expanding the consciousness span from the previous band and all matter shows patterns from where it will end back to where it began.

As fractals contract, we go back, through the splits in the cracks! Leaving us smack in the middle of past that are riddled with bridges to gaps.

Picking a path, with the infinite chance while retracing the steps of a previous glance... just awaiting to be of our futures through stitches we've sutured... all of it done in advance

The paths we're creating are making the patterns, scattering traces related to mass

Til you pass each fantastic dimensional fabric the static will never allow you to... see me as I am

The harmonies ring through each thought that is processed along each and every one of our strings

Longing to see how the songs form the bond belonging to me

Not of one or of three, but of every single thing there could possibly be

If you had dreamed as I dream, mixing the sequence of things and distinguishing splits in the seam. To relinquish the strings binding the thoughts that are caught in the process of all that is seen. I don't mean to be mean but the conceited beliefs that are treated as meaning to being are the same that are taming your brain to refrain from the planes of the dream

How long I've waited for this jaded force to take its course. From light to dark as we embark on our journey, marking the turning of learning this.

Through the maze of dark and darker days, takes place an array of great mistakes. Put in place to escape the fate, escaping the day to day that we all see beneath.

Corruption and destruction which led to this eruption

Made us...
Forcing a change on molecular DNA

Now were one in the same as I tangle my thoughts in your brain

Prepare to combust, we're crushing the laws of what is us its preposterous. Claustrophobic microbial dust.

Setting up to erupt all of what made us, our blood and our guts, in colossus-ness. Lost in the process forgotten in lust.

Now that you've seen where I've been, spinning the sheets of the heaps where you sleep so the dreams can begin. Leading to when all the thoughts have been thought and we're caught in the bliss from within. As we begin our decent with the pensions we've spent to relentlessly spin, all the tension we've mentioned distended. We're starting all over again.
Track Name: Oudenophobia
Oh no, now look what we've done. Destruction, ten trillion times the sun. Tension or divine intervention?

Extension of what's yet left to come, in the demons who bled, shed for none. Drenched in complete apprehension.

Un-tethering what's left of everything, measuring to our defeat.

Inevitable don't think we can run. Evidence the catastrophe has begun. Driven into bliss, but for now its, oh - death for you all.


Try and flee, as all once made is reversed.

Try to walk away, as all that is begins to rip within the multiverse.

Don't lie to me, and say that things could be worse.

This will annihilate all things and reap the sleep we need to keep us all inert.

Pray, God save us.

Nay, all stay must.

Please God!

Not foreseen, not once foretold. No message on any scroll. Too many souls. Yes, indeed what a sight to behold...

Breath, hold on. Time escapes.
Breath, hold on. Time escapes.

For what we've done with our ammunition, we will pay all the way to the grave.

A fickle system all ripped to bits as it comes undone.

I lay and waste away, and watch as all that's living starts giving up hope. To know we're all on our own. What we've sewn's grown out of control. The reaps on.

The lattice in fragments.

Thou cannot avert ten dimensions ripped apart. This has certainly been one hell of a way for me to wake.
Track Name: Apostate
What's to be done with this trader who's abandon us all for a raise. Once an eater of souls using powers of old; a revolt to the order enslaved. Now parading 'round like a savior, since he shifted his pitch into phase. He's one with the occult, so it's up to us all. Make sure these are the last of his days.

Come with me friends, we will have our revenge, put an end to them. Ponder and gaze upon this instance of chance that's been placed in our hands to advance on their pious assemblage of lambs.


All be damned before I stand to tolerate their mocking way. Nigh's the day we proclaim our command!

Once brothers in blood, but now thou hast forsaken. The marching of hoards will come. Beset as a flood, domain will soon be taken. Proclaimed as thine wills undone.

Regressed to portray for the layman, first we'll proceed to in-creed on their post. Getting close. And continue to drain consciousness from the sane, while remaining most furtive. Portrayed as a ghost. Next we'll dissect the connections in sections, reflecting them back to their host. Overloading the frame of their consciousness plane, letting drain til all matter implodes.

Slow like the cold. What went wrong? Letting go will be easier said than done. Witness the moment writ in connivance. Low and behold all to be gone. Its to late to go, we know what's done is done. Is this an ordinance, or is it just by chance?

Take your positions as we aim to kill. Embrace the willpower. Remain phase shifted in a plane surreal, ready to devour.

This is what we've discussed, a one way path til we self destruct, wondering where we end up.
Track Name: Satori
The metamorphosis is nigh...

Living the lie that I've been doing what I could to survive with the illusion it was just.

Its taken all that I can muster up, to finally say I give a fuck. Only to be beat for chivalry.

Bleeding your heart out through madness, for the drink has taken full control of me.

Underneath the thrown, I fight alone.

Partaking from the soul, bloodlust keeping me whole. Requiem taking hold as I let go.

Arise, I have vivified beyond space and time. Amidst the bliss, taste of benevolence on my lips. My metamorphosis is nigh... Arise, I have vivified beyond space and time. Amidst the bliss, taste of benevolence on my lips.

Try to reside. Deciding if I'm living life to live or living life to die, all while coasting through a sequence... Sequence of time, its blinding me under the light and only showing whats inside, my attemptive present pretense.

Woah the pestilence scalds.

Observe the ability of intuition with simultaneous submission to denial.
Forsaken souls lack self recognition. Those who lack self control regress.

Giving into listening if it shuts him up. This ego has me in its clutch, I think they're getting the best of me. Appetite dwarfing a glutton, now the feast has broken all I've know to be. Betrayed by my own, I walk alone.

Possession's potion, possess me again within this quintupled dimension. Instill ignorance so I wont know.

Arise, I have vivified beyond space and time. Amidst the bliss, taste of benevolence on my lips. My metamorphosis is nigh... Arise, I have vivified beyond space and time. Amidst the bliss, taste of benevolence on my lips.

Coerced and awed by clout I kept on doing my worst to claim my crown, sucking and draining out souls to fill my mouth with their taste.
Heartless and no remorse, and now forsaken by all with no recourse, I'm contemplating my fall and how I made this mistake.

I've been abandoned, deemed hopeless, they've left me for dead. Lost myself in the outer edge
I feel that something, there's something within me, what's burnt is beginning to emerge from within.

Arise, I have vivified beyond space and time. Amidst the bliss, taste of benevolence on my lips. My metamorphosis is nigh... Arise, I have vivified beyond space and time. Amidst the bliss, taste of benevolence on my lips.
Track Name: Intromancer
This will cure your plight, sensation's an absolute delight. If you yearn and dream to be divine, proceed and drink the sacred wine.

Did you forget? Have you forgotten, all of the traces that raced through your blood? Do you regret all of the losses? Forget your conscience, it's not any good. You think we're rotten, we're not we're just misunderstood.

Join the feast, now you must do what's necessary and reap what you've pensioned. Pure intent, not to mention vengeance.
Your right of passage, initiation. This is your place son, give in to the urge. Don't be passive, we need aggression. You've learned your lesson, suppress and converge. Here comes your test do your best, take a breath and submerge.

Whoa, how we mesh. I'd forgotten the feeling of flesh. Deep hiding within your soul. Each morsel I eat. Consuming mortals and force them to feast. Claiming more souls, controlled in their sleep, silently submitting them to defeat.

Hold hard as the crux remains maintaining the flux. Resonating a synchronous touch, making my way into your thoughts

restrain... from my lust. There's no number of souls I can drain that will equal enough.

Shift to this paradigm, the more I eat the more I desire..... Haste! bring me a taste, take me before I realize what I've done
Filled with regret, I cannot help it. I'm feeling selfish eating helpless and all. Just relax, we all have felt this. If you leave us you'll abandon us all, and if that happens your actions will cause a revolt.
Track Name: Moxx
Aligned, releasing pressure from deep inside. Clear out your mind, to release the pressure of pleasure.

Putting to rest this lie, that all consciousness needs a life to survive. What am I, a geometric vectored effect, ascend dimensions through a vortex of death.

Released. We've ceased to perpetuate. At least a tease of increased understanding.

Advancing beyond the flesh, transcending this earthly existence, put an end to the cycle of death. Meditation takes patience, persistence.

kaleidoscopic dialect has affected my immediate perspective, re-mediate perception.

This space within space you cannot detect with the senses that you posses. Exulansis proceeds my apprentices, you're all of the flesh.

Confine me not with your ignorance, suppressing my breath. Onism imprisons realisticness, faltered only by death.
Track Name: Metempsychosis
In the beginning, dawning of the living, a governing was given, no covenant proceeding. Guided by laws and building blocks of the stars.
layers were spread through densities unsaid and unheard of as it wouldn't understand. And thus began the legend of the man.

To comprehend this monument unplanned, the web of unborn knowledge, through mortality, extends... and begins to create, no prior judgments, ideology or fate. And as we sequel, advancing into people, our consciousness must re-evolve yet physically be equal. So raise a glass, to the cycle that takes eternity to pass.

Living a bit then we die, living a bit then we die.
Harder we try, harder it is to define, dismissing as simply divine. Forget and die.
Living a bit then we die, living a bit then we die.
Self coincide, spreading the data through lines. Beta the stages of mind, make and design,
reincarnate into life, living to death. All out of breath. The stress living in flesh.

Data is taken, embraced and recycled again. Matter forsaken, misplaced and misshapen to form something different.
Scatter the making and placing of minds into men. Factoring in observations we make and updating the system.

Data retention in multi-dimensional threads. Scattered in different directions and venturing into the abyss.
Tactical changes updating the hardware again. Matching the phase, interfacing dimensions, suppressing within.

Comprise a collective, every possible perspective. Un-self-aware, blind intellect, weaving the fabric as we intersect. And we're all distended to fall. For you to exist we desist and evolve.
As the world goes round are souls stay bound to...

Living a bit then we die, living a bit then we die.
Larger than life, bigger than we can define. Infinite by the design, fractal in time.
Living a bit then we die, living a bit then we die.
Pushing the line, gain and retain in the mind. Take it a day at a time, die to resign,
reincarnate into life, living as each soul til I gain control. Feel regret with each death yet insist to enroll. And once alive, mind wiped and reset, I rely on the lives of my future and past.

Our purpose, avert us. Divergency. We service the surplus uncertainty.

One, into another. Both killer and victim, I watch as I suffer. Warp and weft, the more that I spin, the less that are left.

This is a cycle set in stone. manifestations countless yet i'm all alone. Escape infinite fate we create which is kinda crazy if you think about it.

Data pertaining the brain that's contained within man. Matter restraining the plane by evading the host of the content. Shatter the plaguing we relive again and again. Gather the data through deep meditation to begin ascension.
Track Name: Thesis
Lost in my thought, the heart of the process. Hold to the flax, not yet to be worn. By destiny or by chance intended or unplanned
Null to the ruse, proves subject to scorn.

Chrysalis, gelatinous mess. A Domestic puree. Metamorphosis. Remolding the soul to the brain.

No god exists, aside from all the cognitivity combined. Its all we are.
And through a grid aligned, we un-restrict our limits of space and time, evolving on.