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If you had seen what I've seen, consciously dreaming and singing the strings that are ringing to please. If you see what I mean, you and me the same thing while beholding all time has to bring. And we triumph in ease, as all things are reacting and acting just as they should be and all fraction's reactions so happen to map them and set them in place.

Give in to the power evolved from erosion, explosions and oceans of potions dissolved.

Witness in the hour of all, with such endless possibilities and we're reaching them all.

Take all of me in whether in essence or matter in skin, for the end is where you shall begin, leaving nothing outreaching our whims.

Break out of prisons that've been lived in and witness this shit split the rips in realities grip to reveal to us what is within

If you had been where I've been, densities infinite spin on the cycles yet unknown to man. To continue within is a reflection with abstracting factors re-factored again. with all life in our hands, each expanding the consciousness span from the previous band and all matter shows patterns from where it will end back to where it began.

As fractals contract, we go back, through the splits in the cracks! Leaving us smack in the middle of past that are riddled with bridges to gaps.

Picking a path, with the infinite chance while retracing the steps of a previous glance... just awaiting to be of our futures through stitches we've sutured... all of it done in advance

The paths we're creating are making the patterns, scattering traces related to mass

Til you pass each fantastic dimensional fabric the static will never allow you to... see me as I am

The harmonies ring through each thought that is processed along each and every one of our strings

Longing to see how the songs form the bond belonging to me

Not of one or of three, but of every single thing there could possibly be

If you had dreamed as I dream, mixing the sequence of things and distinguishing splits in the seam. To relinquish the strings binding the thoughts that are caught in the process of all that is seen. I don't mean to be mean but the conceited beliefs that are treated as meaning to being are the same that are taming your brain to refrain from the planes of the dream

How long I've waited for this jaded force to take its course. From light to dark as we embark on our journey, marking the turning of learning this.

Through the maze of dark and darker days, takes place an array of great mistakes. Put in place to escape the fate, escaping the day to day that we all see beneath.

Corruption and destruction which led to this eruption

Made us...
Forcing a change on molecular DNA

Now were one in the same as I tangle my thoughts in your brain

Prepare to combust, we're crushing the laws of what is us its preposterous. Claustrophobic microbial dust.

Setting up to erupt all of what made us, our blood and our guts, in colossus-ness. Lost in the process forgotten in lust.

Now that you've seen where I've been, spinning the sheets of the heaps where you sleep so the dreams can begin. Leading to when all the thoughts have been thought and we're caught in the bliss from within. As we begin our decent with the pensions we've spent to relentlessly spin, all the tension we've mentioned distended. We're starting all over again.


from Chrysalis, released April 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Abiogene Salt Lake City, Utah

Progressive metal band from Salt Lake City.

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