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This will cure your plight, sensation's an absolute delight. If you yearn and dream to be divine, proceed and drink the sacred wine.

Did you forget? Have you forgotten, all of the traces that raced through your blood? Do you regret all of the losses? Forget your conscience, it's not any good. You think we're rotten, we're not we're just misunderstood.

Join the feast, now you must do what's necessary and reap what you've pensioned. Pure intent, not to mention vengeance.
Your right of passage, initiation. This is your place son, give in to the urge. Don't be passive, we need aggression. You've learned your lesson, suppress and converge. Here comes your test do your best, take a breath and submerge.

Whoa, how we mesh. I'd forgotten the feeling of flesh. Deep hiding within your soul. Each morsel I eat. Consuming mortals and force them to feast. Claiming more souls, controlled in their sleep, silently submitting them to defeat.

Hold hard as the crux remains maintaining the flux. Resonating a synchronous touch, making my way into your thoughts

restrain... from my lust. There's no number of souls I can drain that will equal enough.

Shift to this paradigm, the more I eat the more I desire..... Haste! bring me a taste, take me before I realize what I've done
Filled with regret, I cannot help it. I'm feeling selfish eating helpless and all. Just relax, we all have felt this. If you leave us you'll abandon us all, and if that happens your actions will cause a revolt.


from Chrysalis, released April 25, 2017



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Abiogene Salt Lake City, Utah

Progressive metal band from Salt Lake City.

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