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In the beginning, dawning of the living, a governing was given, no covenant proceeding. Guided by laws and building blocks of the stars.
layers were spread through densities unsaid and unheard of as it wouldn't understand. And thus began the legend of the man.

To comprehend this monument unplanned, the web of unborn knowledge, through mortality, extends... and begins to create, no prior judgments, ideology or fate. And as we sequel, advancing into people, our consciousness must re-evolve yet physically be equal. So raise a glass, to the cycle that takes eternity to pass.

Living a bit then we die, living a bit then we die.
Harder we try, harder it is to define, dismissing as simply divine. Forget and die.
Living a bit then we die, living a bit then we die.
Self coincide, spreading the data through lines. Beta the stages of mind, make and design,
reincarnate into life, living to death. All out of breath. The stress living in flesh.

Data is taken, embraced and recycled again. Matter forsaken, misplaced and misshapen to form something different.
Scatter the making and placing of minds into men. Factoring in observations we make and updating the system.

Data retention in multi-dimensional threads. Scattered in different directions and venturing into the abyss.
Tactical changes updating the hardware again. Matching the phase, interfacing dimensions, suppressing within.

Comprise a collective, every possible perspective. Un-self-aware, blind intellect, weaving the fabric as we intersect. And we're all distended to fall. For you to exist we desist and evolve.
As the world goes round are souls stay bound to...

Living a bit then we die, living a bit then we die.
Larger than life, bigger than we can define. Infinite by the design, fractal in time.
Living a bit then we die, living a bit then we die.
Pushing the line, gain and retain in the mind. Take it a day at a time, die to resign,
reincarnate into life, living as each soul til I gain control. Feel regret with each death yet insist to enroll. And once alive, mind wiped and reset, I rely on the lives of my future and past.

Our purpose, avert us. Divergency. We service the surplus uncertainty.

One, into another. Both killer and victim, I watch as I suffer. Warp and weft, the more that I spin, the less that are left.

This is a cycle set in stone. manifestations countless yet i'm all alone. Escape infinite fate we create which is kinda crazy if you think about it.

Data pertaining the brain that's contained within man. Matter restraining the plane by evading the host of the content. Shatter the plaguing we relive again and again. Gather the data through deep meditation to begin ascension.


from Chrysalis, released April 25, 2017
Guest solo by Sims Cashion



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Abiogene Salt Lake City, Utah

Progressive metal band from Salt Lake City.

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