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Oh no, now look what we've done. Destruction, ten trillion times the sun. Tension or divine intervention?

Extension of what's yet left to come, in the demons who bled, shed for none. Drenched in complete apprehension.

Un-tethering what's left of everything, measuring to our defeat.

Inevitable don't think we can run. Evidence the catastrophe has begun. Driven into bliss, but for now its, oh - death for you all.


Try and flee, as all once made is reversed.

Try to walk away, as all that is begins to rip within the multiverse.

Don't lie to me, and say that things could be worse.

This will annihilate all things and reap the sleep we need to keep us all inert.

Pray, God save us.

Nay, all stay must.

Please God!

Not foreseen, not once foretold. No message on any scroll. Too many souls. Yes, indeed what a sight to behold...

Breath, hold on. Time escapes.
Breath, hold on. Time escapes.

For what we've done with our ammunition, we will pay all the way to the grave.

A fickle system all ripped to bits as it comes undone.

I lay and waste away, and watch as all that's living starts giving up hope. To know we're all on our own. What we've sewn's grown out of control. The reaps on.

The lattice in fragments.

Thou cannot avert ten dimensions ripped apart. This has certainly been one hell of a way for me to wake.


from Chrysalis, released April 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Abiogene Salt Lake City, Utah

Progressive metal band from Salt Lake City.

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