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What's to be done with this trader who's abandon us all for a raise. Once an eater of souls using powers of old; a revolt to the order enslaved. Now parading 'round like a savior, since he shifted his pitch into phase. He's one with the occult, so it's up to us all. Make sure these are the last of his days.

Come with me friends, we will have our revenge, put an end to them. Ponder and gaze upon this instance of chance that's been placed in our hands to advance on their pious assemblage of lambs.


All be damned before I stand to tolerate their mocking way. Nigh's the day we proclaim our command!

Once brothers in blood, but now thou hast forsaken. The marching of hoards will come. Beset as a flood, domain will soon be taken. Proclaimed as thine wills undone.

Regressed to portray for the layman, first we'll proceed to in-creed on their post. Getting close. And continue to drain consciousness from the sane, while remaining most furtive. Portrayed as a ghost. Next we'll dissect the connections in sections, reflecting them back to their host. Overloading the frame of their consciousness plane, letting drain til all matter implodes.

Slow like the cold. What went wrong? Letting go will be easier said than done. Witness the moment writ in connivance. Low and behold all to be gone. Its to late to go, we know what's done is done. Is this an ordinance, or is it just by chance?

Take your positions as we aim to kill. Embrace the willpower. Remain phase shifted in a plane surreal, ready to devour.

This is what we've discussed, a one way path til we self destruct, wondering where we end up.


from Chrysalis, released April 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Abiogene Salt Lake City, Utah

Progressive metal band from Salt Lake City.

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